About orthopedic surgery

Orthopedic surgery is “a hospital that treats diseases and trauma related to exercisers such as bones, joints, ligaments, peripheral nerves, and muscles.” This is closely related to the development of Western medicine.

In Western medicine, it is roughly divided into medicine to be treated with medicine (to cure disease from the inside of the body with medicine) and surgery to remove lesions by surgery.

Treatment policies have been established for each organ from there, each specialized in differentiation.

One of the specialized departments of clinical medicine, which holds posture and hands related to physical exercise, that is, medulla dealing with diseases of the spine (extremity), limb bones, joints and muscles.

The name of orthopedic surgery was written in 1741 by the medical director of the University of Paris and a physician André Nicolas Andr (1658-1742) by the author “L’Orthopdie”.
Among them, “technology to prevent and correct children’s body deformation” is defined.

After that, following the anesthesia method, aseptic method, X-ray development, etc., surgical treatment was positively applied, and the great progress was made after the First World War.

The first orthopedic surgery course was established in Tokyo Imperial University Medical University in 1906.
By Professor Yoshinori Tashiro, the first professor at that time, German Orthopdie was translated as “Orthopedic Surgery” for the first time.

And after the Second World War, many orthopedic surgeons in the United States were taken in, many orthopedic surgeons were established at medical colleges nationwide, and many orthopedic surgeons have been nurtured and become popularized.